Full-Scale Tree Care


We provide high quality, full-scale tree care services to all of Wasatch County including Heber, Midway, Charleston, Daniel, and Wallsburg.

-Licensed & Insured -
- ISA Certified Arborist -
- Tree Risk Assessment Qualification -
- Commercial and Residential -
- Full Clean up and Haul Away -
- Certified Pesticide Applicator -

Photo - Pruning a Large Cottonwood Tree
Consultation & Preservation


What if trees could talk?

Many trees in Utah live to be over one hundred years old. We'll help give your tree a voice. We offer consultation, diagnosis of illnesses, installation of cable/bracing systems, and tree risk assessment services.

Photo - Can Trees Talk?

Trimming & Pruning


All sizes and types of trees

Trimming, pruning, shaping, cleaning out dead, limb removal, eves of houses, etc. Our knowledge extends from seasonal fruit pruning to canopy work in large-scale shade trees.

Photo - Blake Trimming a Large Oak

Pest Control


Insects, fungi, bacteria

Detecting, identifying, and eliminating pests is what we do. Be sure to check the State Extention links on our resources page for information on dealing with pests.

Photo - Several Bark Beetles Infesting a Limb
Planting & Planning


Plant for success

Weather it be a single tree or full arboretum we'll help plan with you for a succesful planting project. Check out the Heber Valley Gardening book for some local tips.

Photo - Planting a Tree

Tree Removal


Safely dismantled every time

Our track record of safely dismantling trees will give you piece of mind. Watch some of our removal videos or check out our projects page to see how we do it.

Photo - Large Cottonwood Tree Being Removed

Billy Tiedemann

ISA Certified Arborist

License: #UT-4353A

Heber City Tree Advisory


[email protected]

Utah Community Forest Counsil Member

Christian Katris


ISA Utah Chapter Member

Heber City Tree Advisory


[email protected]

Utah Community Forest Counsil Member

Jason Carlston

Arborist Apprentice

ISA Utah Chapter Member


[email protected]

Five Star Customer Service Rating

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

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